Snuggle Bear Incorporated

For Snuggle Bears & Those Who Love Them


The Commander enjoyed WonderCon, and I was able to take my new secretary out with us, Cobra PR Trooper FC-284, dubbed “Cobra BR” by the Commander (BR, as in Boy-PR). 

BR and I have known each other since PR school.  We have been longstanding rivals, and he’s been mostly a jerk that entire time.  He took over as the Commander’s PR rep when I was kidnapped by Paramount last year.  He then botched an attempted rescue mission for me and the Commander sent him into exile in the Arctic Circle.  BR found his way back and through a complicated story involving the Commander’s Russian assassin ex-girlfriend and the Commander taking his pants off, but in the end BR has found his way back to Cobra Island as my secretary. 

We’re still working on him not being a jerk.

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